United Patients Group Seal of Approval – Preferred Cannabis Testing Laboratories

We are proud to partner with Anresco and Steep Hill Testing Laboratories as the Preferred Testing Laboratories for the United Patients Group Seal of Approval.

These laboratories have also set the standards in safe tested medicine for patients.  They continue to maintain the highest level of Standards, Ethics and Safety.

Anresco Laboratories

Anresco provides comprehensive analytical services to the cannabis industry including cannabinoid & terpenoid profiling, microbiological testing, pesticide residue screening, heavy metals analysis, nutritional labeling, and shelf life testing… Read More

Steep Hill Laboratories

Steep Hill is an independently owned and operated analysis, biotechnology, and research and development facility. We seek to empower cultivators, dispensaries, manufacturers, and consumers with a transparent understanding of science… Read More

If you’d like to be considered as a Preferred Testing Laboratory, please contact us for further information.