Sun Grown Packaging Receives United Patients Group Seal of Approval

Sun Grown Packaging Receives United Patients Group Seal of Approval

United Patients Group, the leading medical cannabis information and educational site, is proud to award Sun Grown Packaging its Seal of Approval. United Patients Group’s founder John Malanca says “Sun Grown Packaging is a prime example of an ethical company that focus on sustainability, child safety and the use of eco-friendly materials for its packaging that are both compostable and recyclable”

Sun Grown Packaging provides beautiful sustainable packaging that reflects the quality of the products and brand identity of your company. They create innovative customized solutions for your individual needs and seek to establish long term relationships with clients so they have a reliable consistent partner for all their packaging for the life of their business.

Sun Grown Packaging seeks to preserve the world’s natural resources by finding alternative materials and processes to work with. They love to align with passionate like-minded people allowing for an ease and flow of business and exchange of ideas all working towards fulfilling your needs and goals.

Sun Grown Packaging is an open source for cannabis info, guidelines, and education. They believe in challenging the status quo by designing, manufacturing, and distributing inventive packaging made with sustainable materials.

  • 35 years packaging industry experience: structural design and manufacturing (not a broker)
  • Sustainability is company mission: replace Styrofoam and reduce plastic in consumer packaging
  • 2nd generation family owned and operated
  • Focused on the industries of: food products, cosmetics & medical instruments
  • Parent company:
  • Since 2013 dedicated to bringing solutions to the Cannabis industry for its unique products: edibles, bud/flower, vape cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures, clones
  • Developed several patents for child resistant packaging (CRP)
  • Has only fully sustainable ASTM compliant CRP. Made from recycled materials and is both compostable/recyclable (not made from plastic like the alternatives)
  • More info:

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About Sun Hill Packaging
Sun Grown Packaging brings years of experience in innovative packaging and design. Sun Grown offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Oakland, CA. Every step of the process is overseen by experts in their field who utilize precision and hands on care to ensure exceptional products and high quality standards. They employ a variety of cutting edge technology and machinery and believe in being honest, direct, and open minded every step of the way. Visit: to learn more.

About United Patients Group
United Patients Group is the leading medical cannabis information and educational site that is dedicated to providing the most professional and safe resource for Medical Cannabis information.

While most online medical cannabis sites cater to patients already familiar with medical cannabis, the website is a comprehensive and easy-to-use information source for people of all ages and experience levels, from novice users to experienced industry professionals. The site’s News, Resource, and Blog pages introduce new patients to the ins and outs of medical cannabis healthcare, while helping experienced providers stay abreast of the latest developments in THC and CBD therapies.