Application Steps

Interested in getting your product or company the UPG Seal of Approval? Complete the steps below.

Step 1: Fill out initial inquiry form.

You will be prompted to submit basic information about your organization, medical office and/or product(s) on the Apply Now page. We will answer any questions you have and provide all the information you need to begin the verification process.

Step 2: Sign the UPG Seal of Approval license agreement.

This agreement outlines use of the UPG Seal of Approval name and verification mark. There are separate trademarks and license agreements for the United States and various countries; if you plan to sell verified products in the US and internationally, you will need to sign both licensing agreements. There are no fees associated with signing our license agreement.

Step 3: Complete a product evaluation with the Account Manager.

Once you sign a contract with your Account Manager, they will request the documents necessary to evaluate your product or services offered. If your product or business utilizes ingredients that could be seen as a risk to some populations, such as nuts, gluten or gluten free, pest or mold control and more, an on-sight visit may be required. Upon verification, the Account Manager will issue you a certificate of compliance.

Step 4: Promote your verification.

When you have completed the verification process, you Account Manger for the UPG Seal of Approval will send you the verification mark and your products will be eligible for listing on the UPG Seal of Approval website, United Patients Group website.

We will also connect you with our Marketing team, who will work with you to promote your products through social media and other marketing channels.

Step 5: Annual renewal.

Your UPG Seal will need to be renewed each year. Your Account Manager will request updated documentation reflecting changes since your initial evaluation. If you have additional products or locations, speak with your Account Manager to expedite this process.

Contact us:

To contact our Client Services Department, email or

call 415-524-8099 during business hours.

Client Services Department Hours:

Monday – Friday 10am to 2pm PST