United Patients Group ‘Review Board’

United Patients Group ‘Review Board’ is a central part of the process by which UPG develops and maintains its Standards. Our Review Board is a group of individuals, representing a variety of interests connected to the UPG Standard, formed to review proposals for new Standards or revisions to existing Standards.

All persons directly affected by a Review Board topic may apply but UPG membership may be limited due to the need to balance panel viewpoints, the size of the Review Board, or other considerations. There are no membership dues associated with Review Board Members.

If you are interested in joining United Patients Group Review Board, please contact us. The UPG chair appoints members to the Review Board based on criteria outlined in “UPG’s Approved Regulations Governing Standards Technical Panels.”

United Patients Group is always expanding our auditing system throughout the world. If you feel your company is positioned to take part in the “Auditing” process, and are a testing lab or auditing company, please contact us at 415-524-8099

Apply for UPG Seal of Approval

If you would like to be considered for our Seal of Approval or would like to submit a product or organization, please click the button below to start the approval process. Please read our overview of the program and faq’s before starting. After reviewing, if you have questions, please contact our client services team.