For Patients

The UPG Seal of Approval is an organization committed to identifying the trusted and verifiable medical cannabis products, companies and organizations that meet the strictest standards of Quality, Safety and Ethics.

Look for the Seal


The United Patients Group Seal of Approval creates confidence and continuity in the cannabis industry. The products and companies that bear the Seal, have committed themselves to the highest level of integrity, ethics and best practices. Those that have earned this Seal become part of a movement to elevate trust within the industry as well as the states that have created a cannabis system for their constituents.  If you see a United Patients Group Seal on websites, apps, products, or the front door of an organization, one can trust that said company has been vetted to a rigorous standard of compliance.

Help Us Raise Awareness!

Together, we can create a movement by requiring a higher level of standards and excellence. By participating you can be a part of the change in the cannabis industry. The UPG Seal of Approval shows that you have made a stand for excellence and are doing your part to elevate the industry as a whole. Be Informed. Be Well. Is our motto – Make your statement by tagging #UPGSOA, #BeInformedBeWell and #UPGVerified