Healer.com Receives UPG Seal of Approval for Excellence

Healer.com Receives UPG Seal of Approval

United Patients Group http://www.unitedpatientsgroup.com, the leading medical cannabis information and educational site, is proud to award Healer.com its Seal of Approval. Healer.com’s mission is to empower people to live life to its fullest in great health.

Healer.com offers unmatched expertise in the correct use of medical cannabis, and through its educational programs provide the tools needed to get the most out of  medicinal cannabis therapy. Developed by recognized cannabis expert Dr. Dustin Sulak, Healer.com offers valuable educational programs based on science and clinical experience that has helped thousands of patients find relief from chronic pain, anxiety, spasticity and other health challenges.

A New Kind of Health Care Community.

Healer.com’s has a very similar mission to United Patients Group, to create a positive and supportive community of like-minded medical cannabis users. They provide transparent and trusted sources of cannabis information and are THE respected authority on its safe and smart use.

Healer.com was created to provide the essential basics of dosage, delivery methods, and the development of healthy new patterns in your life. They strive to provide the most relevant educational information and endeavor to return cannabis to its place as the accepted therapeutic medicine it once was.

Dr. Dustin Sulak, Founder and Medical Director

Dustin Sulak, D.O. is a renowned integrative medicine physician based in Maine, whose practice balances the principles of osteopathy, mind-body medicine and medical cannabis. Regarded as an expert on medical cannabis nationally, Dr. Sulak educates medical providers and patients on its clinical use, while continuing to explore the therapeutic potential of this ancient yet emerging medicine.

“Based on our understanding of endocannabinoid physiology and my clinical experience, I’m convinced that cannabis, when used correctly, can enhance one’s health in important ways, from the function of the immune system and nervous system to an improved sense of well-being, creativity, and mental and spiritual health”
– Dr. Dustin Sulak

To learn more about Healer.com and its groundbreaking programs, visit http://healer.com.

About United Patients Group
United Patients Group is the leading medical cannabis information and educational site that is dedicated to providing the most professional and safe resource for Medical Cannabis information.

While most online medical cannabis sites cater to patients already familiar with medical cannabis, the UnitedPatientsGroup.com website is a comprehensive and easy-to-use information source for people of all ages and experience levels, from novice users to experienced industry professionals. The site’s News, Resource, and Blog pages introduce new patients to the ins and outs of medical cannabis healthcare, while helping experienced providers stay abreast of the latest developments in THC and CBD therapies.